Academician Pavlovski tells Kovachevski: Citizens don’t like you because you’ve been installed


I followed the Parliament sessions many times. And, considering my age, I can testify that in this composition we have so far the smartest MPs. Both from the side of the two-headed government, as well as from the opposition. Unfortunately, their performance is modest. The main culprit is the bad management of the country by the government. Unfortunately, all the blame for the certain disaster of the Social Democrats will fall on Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, says academician Bozin Pavlovski.

My elderly advice to this young man: Get away from the position that, according to democratic rules, does not belong to you. Even many of your fellow party members perceive you as someone that doesn’t belong. One day, if you go through the election process, you will run for prime minister,” said Pavlovski after Friday’s Parliament session on the constitutional amendments.


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