Nikolovski: VMRO is a national project of the Macedonian people, the stronger it is, the stronger is the Macedonian people


VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and MP Aleksandar Nikolovski believes that Friday’s Parliament session was a strong message to the entire region that there will be no more playing with Macedonia, and that VMRO-DPMNE will always be there to protect it.

“VMRO is a national project of the Macedonian people. VMRO is much more than a political party. VMRO is also much more than its current 44 MPs, or, with God’s help, 61-62 after the next elections. VMRO is a national project of the Macedonian people, and whenever VMRO is strong, the Macedonian people are also strong”, Nikolovski stressed.

It was a pleasure to be present at the Macedonian Parliament on Friday, Nikolovski added, because we finally put an end to this.

“This is a strong message to Bulgaria that it should revise its national policies, to see where they went wrong, take one step back, and start building friendly relations with Macedonia. If they want to build relations based on blackmail, the answer will always be NO. If they are ready for mutual respect, to give something in return for what they ask, to recognize the existence of Macedonians in Bulgaria, to implement at least a few of the 16 European Court of Human Rights decisions against the country regarding the ethnic Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, to allow studying of the Macedonian language – then we can talk as equals. Until they are ready to do that, the answer will remain NO,” Nikolovski said.



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