Marichikj: The longer we wait, the bigger issues will arise and strengthen Bulgaria’s position


Experience shows that time is not in our favour when we are outside the process. The longer we wait, more and more questions will arise, which will only complicate the process and strengthen Bulgaria’s position. Let us not allow ourselves to complicate the process when the path is now clearly set before us, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Marichikj said on Saturday.

“The agreement was not reached under “Bulgarian dictate.” On the contrary, we have reached an agreement with which we have gained the maximum and which we have negotiated in our favor, with which we have managed to put in one framework the requirements and obligations of both sides, Macedonian and Bulgarian,” he added.

Marichikj noted that our negotiating framework protects the Macedonian language and identity, with which, he said, we managed to prevent Bulgarian issues from becoming European and from questioning the European future of North Macedonia.

“The obligations are described in the negotiating framework, and they are the obligations that we have accepted to achieve the strategic goal by 2030, which is full membership in the EU,” said the deputy PM.



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