Pendarovski: Kurti’s visit was not problematic


Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s attendance at party events in Tetovo and Skopje’s Chair was not particularly problematic, and in his visit and in his public appearances I cannot see a single sentence with which he insults Macedonia or the Macedonian people, highlighted Macedonian President Stevo Pendaroski in an interview with Sitel TV, he was asked about the reactions in part of the Albanian bloc after Kurti’s visit to the country.

“My reaction was to his hosts who tried through such iconography, now they are creating a new political entity, they are trying to consolidate themselves in the Albanian opposition, I guess they want to profile themselves in such a way in front of their potential electorate,” Pendarovski pointed out, commenting on the finding that at those events there was no prominent Macedonian national flag and exclusively Albanian national symbols and a flag of the so-called “Greater Albania” map.


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