Spasovski: We are gathering information of the person who waved the flag in Tetovo, if he is a foreigner we will issue an international warrant


The Macedonian Minister Interior Oliver Spasovski is optimistic that the identity of the person that waved the flag of “Greater Albania” in the Tetovo square, during the visit of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, will be revealed.

Asked at a press conference, Spasovski reiterated that the person is not employed by the Ministry of Interior, but that his identity is still unknown.

“I think that the identity of this person will be determined. The classification is certainly a criminal act, according to the recommendations given by the public prosecutor, and appropriate measures will be taken based on that. At the meeting in Tetovo there were also people who are not citizens of North Macedonia, and if it is determined that it is a foreign citizen, then an international warrant will be issued,” Spasovski said.

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