The legitimacy of the Government no longer exists, citizens demand elections, says opposition


 The people of Macedonia are already fed up with defeats in all spheres of their life, the rock bottom has been reached a long time ago, and with the unacceptable changes to the Constitution, under the Bulgarian dictate, the culmination of dissatisfaction has already been reached, VMRO-DPMNE pointed out in a press release on Wednesday.

“The defeats of the Government, except for the constitutional amendments, also in the economy, health, education, justice, the economy and the standard of living, are deep and irreparable, more so every day, if this group remains in power. This group of criminals in power, the citizens do not care about their policies, nor their stale statements, and least of all the empty words they spew every day in the media. The reality is that inflation is eating away at the standard of the people, students will not have textbooks this year, the judiciary has 1% trust among citizens, healthcare is on its knees, and young people are leaving Macedonia every day, in huge numbers,” said the largest opposition party.


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