Mickoski: Europe and the world are making a plan to break VMRO-DPMNE and for the MPs to pass treasonous constitutional amendments


The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, HristijanMickoki, stressed that Europe and the world are making a strategy to make the 44 MPs of the party vote for what he called treacherous constitutional amendments.

“Today we are faced with a historic challenge. Europe, and the world, are making a strategy to break VMRO-DPMNE and those 44 MPs to vote for the treacherous constitutional amendments. Don’t think that Kovachevski, Ahmeti or Osmani are the ones, and don’t think that it’s easy. It’s not. A strong fight is being waged to defend the honor of the Macedonian people that these corrupt, petty government officials have sold out the Macedonian people. We will fight, I don’t know if we will succeed, maybe we won’t be there, but we will fight, and we will endure, and I promise, there will be no constitutional changes under Bulgarian dictate, I promise you that,” Mickoski said.

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