Bozhinovski: There is no way to force a VMRO-DPMNE MP to vote for constitutional amendments, the Government has lost legitimacy, elections are the best option


It was clear that we would reach this position, we all warned that, I would say the whole public, but above all the citizens with those protests last year, when we told Kovachevski not to sign what the whole people is against and for which he needs help.

You can’t sign something and expect someone else to accept it without consulting him, said political analyst Vladimir Bozhinovski in an interview with Sitel TV News.

Regarding the visit of the US Deputy Assistant Secretary Gabriel Escobar, Bozhinovski says that it was rumored that he is coming to solve the situation and the opposition will sign, but the reality is to see if there is a way out of this current situation.

“The USA is always here when Macedonia needs help and Escobar comes to see if there is an opportunity to get out of this current position. He did not come that he would twist someone’s arm, convince or immediately accept the opposition. There is an option for the opposition to accept, which is unlikely, so the second option is to have elections, which is a more likely option if we want an exit. And the third option is to not change anything. The second option for snap elections has more chances, because the Government has lost the legitimacy to make any major decisions,” Bozhinovski said.

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