Tripunovski: We are facing a hard winter with SDS and Ljupcho Nikolovski


Citizens will also face a huge lack of firewood this heating season, and this is confirmed by the figures from the official Report on the operations of the PE Macedonian Forests, pointed out Cvetan Tripunovski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference Friday.

“We are facing a hard winter with SDS and Ljupcho Nikolovski. The report confirms the non-domestic and irresponsible operation of the management. The numbers are worrying and shocking compared to last year when the supply of firewood was also difficult. In just 7 months, the production and supply of firewood to the population has been significantly reduced. Compared to last year, the cutting of firewood has decreased by 30,765 cubic meters, and there is also a decrease in sales by 42,528 cubic meters, while the plan for cutting firewood has been implemented, that is, it is at a minimum of 57 percent. Only minimal 26,925 cubic meters of wood were sold from the warehouses of the PE Macedonian Forests.

The report shows that the rest was bought by private resellers and companies that receive felling tenders from JP and sell them at double the price or if in Macedonian forests the price per cubic meter of oak and beech is 2500 denars, while in private warehouses it ranges from 5 up to 6 thousand denars per cubic meter, i.e. twice as expensive. In the end, the citizens pay for the incompetence of the government, of the minister Nikolovski and Kovachevski. They are so incompetent that they cannot ensure that there is firewood in all branches of Macedonian Forests, let alone supply the citizens who really need it,” said Tripunovski.

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