Bytyqi: The arbitration proceedings against Macedonia are worth over EUR 1.3 billion


The arbitration proceedings that are conducted against the state are currently worth over 1.3 billion euros, noted the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Coordinator, Fatmir Bytyqi. The group Amadeus and Amadeus Development ltd. for the so-called “Spanish steps” case, for which there is also a court case, has an arbitration procedure against the Republic of Macedonia and it is seeking compensation for the violation of the bilateral agreement we have with the government of the Republic of Albania, compensation for alleged i.e. sustained damage estimated at $110 million.

The second procedure is from the Italian company FCL Ambiente. In 2011, the City of Skopje chose this company as a partner that will work with PE Drisla. The company acquired 80% of the share in PE Drisla, and the City of Skopje acquired a 20% share. In 2018, the Administrative Court ruled and annulled the decision to select FCL Ambiente as a private partner for the management of the Drisla landfill. In 2020, Drisla was once again transformed into a public company, for which the Italian company initiated an arbitration procedure.

The minister explained that there are five active arbitration proceedings against the state, two of which have been completed in our favor, and in one case, damages of 3 million euros have been paid to the state.

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