Kosovo court acquitted Alil Demiri – the convicted to life for the Smilkovo Lake massacre


The Prishtina court acquitted Alil Demiri, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the Smilkovo Lake case from April 2012 when five young people were killed. Demiri’s lawyer and representatives of the competent authorities in Skopje confirmed that he was released, TV Telma reported.

The news was also published by several Kosovo media. His Kosovo lawyer, Besnik Berisha, told the web media signali.com that the prosecutor had withdrawn and that the extradition had already been rejected once.

“After the evidence provided by the defense and the clearer arguments given at the hearing where the Prosecutor’s Office’s request for the determination of a detention measure was addressed, the prosecutor who represented the proposal withdrew from the request,” lawyer Berisha told signali.com, where a photo of the convicted was also published to life in prison for the 5-fold murder.

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