Mexhiti: Over a thousand prescriptions for chronic disease medications in one day


Macedonian Minister of Health Mexhiti visited the Jane Sandanski Polyclinic in Skopje, where he spoke with general practitioners and patients about the benefits of the new reform of primary health care, and visited the internal medicine department where most of the changes were implemented. He spoke with patients about the new reforms and their satisfaction with them.

“The process of working with patients who need therapy for chronic disease is not at all complicated, the clear directions written in the clinical guidelines will ease the work of GPs, which means that the reform is off to a good start. Yesterday, according to data from the ‘My Appointment’ e-service system, 506 patients received chronic disease medication. GPs administered 1073 prescriptions,” Minister Mexhiti said.

“We made essential changes and improvements for patients and healthcare workers with the new reform that allows GPs to prescribe medication, which was previously done by specialist doctors,” the Minister added.


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