Trenchevska: According to the growth of the average salary, salaries in the public sector will increase each year


In connection with the General Collective Agreement, which has been in force for 15 years, Labor Minister Trenchevska highlighted in a TV interview several benefits for employees in the public sector, such as a 10 percent salary increase with the September salary, K-15 for all employees in the public sector of 10,000 denars by the end of the year and salary growth in the public sector in the long term.

“The collective agreement itself establishes a system for raising salaries in the public sector. “From March 1, 2025, the average salary multiplied by the complexity factor, in a workplace, will be the basic salary of each employee,” Trenchevska said.

The minister indicated that, together with the Union of Trade Unions of Macedonia, an agreement should be concluded by the end of 2024 and the coefficients for the complexity of the jobs should be determined.

“Each year, according to the growth of the average salary, salaries in the public sector will increase. One cannot undertake obligations that will have fiscal implications if one does not foresee them in the budget,” said Trenchevska when asked if there are enough funds in the state budget.

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