MFA submits documentation for the “Boris Trajkovski” sports hall reponctruction to the SCPC Office and the PPO


The complete documentation for the public procurement for the reconstruction and adaptation of the “Boris Trajkovski” sports hall for the needs of the OSCE conference has been submitted Friday to the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) and to the Prosecutor’s Office (PPO), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a press release on Friday.
“On this occasion, the Ministry urges the competent institutions to give special importance and priority to this matter, taking into account the implications caused by the numerous speculations that have appeared in the public,” reads the press release.
According to the MFA, there are no irregularities in the procedure, which is necessary for the successful holding of the largest international political event in Skopje, within the framework of the country’s Presidency of the OSCE.

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