Now’s the time to make decisions about the EU, the enlargement package is expected in December, says Deputy Prime Minister Marichikj


The Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs BojanMarichikj told Alsat TV News that it is expected in December to discuss and make a decision on the start of negotiations for Ukraine and Moldova, to which will be added four more countries that are already negotiating for membership with the European Union.

“It does not mean that something is guaranteed to anyone or that it has to be, but simply that an opportunity is given, the chance for these countries to get going and finish the negotiations before 2030. Here is our opportunity, here is our chance, and we need the first moment when the gate opens for new members of the European Union, and that will obviously be the year 2030, for us to be on the stage with the new member states. That is our goal and we should stay on that lane,” Marichikj said in the statement.

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