PHOTO I This is the school in Turkey that will be named “Macedonia”, and each classroom will be called after a Macedonian city


A school named “Macedonia”, which has 24 classrooms named after Macedonian cities, will start taking pupils on September 11, 2023, in Malatya, Turkey.

The Macedonia Turkey Chamber of Commerce (MATTO) said the school called “Macedonia”, spans an area of 8,656 square meters and has 24 classrooms named after the cities of Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid, Shtip, Kumanovo, etc.

The school symbolizes the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the people of North Macedonia and Turkey.

In addition to being yet another bridge connecting the people of the two countries, MATTO adds, the project will also be another source of pride for all citizens of Turkey who come from our country.

The school was built with EUR 1 million donation, in which MATTO members participated, as well as the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia with a larger amount. It is a donation to build one of the hundreds of schools destroyed in the Malatya region during the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

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