Dimitrieska-Kochoska: In the war between the private sector and the Government, citizens fall victims, the Government does nothing to protect them


We are in a period where the state should spend on capital investment and reduce other expenses. In capital investments, we continuously see money that is transferred to certain institutions, and further spent on operating expenses. So it only stands under the cap of capital, and in essence it is not so. The demographic factor is a serious problem and we have a shrinking workforce and you struggle to retain people and you have higher wage costs. So, in a way, we are turning in a circle, said GordanaDimitrieska-Kochoska, deputy leader of VMRO-DPMNE, on an interview with TV show Win Win, which is broadcast on Telma TV, discussing current economic issues in the country.

According to the opposition official, the National Bank has no instruments and raised the interest rates.

“That now creates an additional cost for the companies, which again goes to the final product. And this is now in continuity. We are spinning in a magical circle that has no end,” said Dimitrieska-Kochoska.


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