Still no strips or glucometers – Union of Diabetes Associations sign a petition to the Ombudsman


The Union of Diabetes Associations of North Macedonia submitted the Complaint and Request for immediate action to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia.

The deadline for a response from the Ministry of Health has expired, as well as the ambiguities of why there are still no strips or glucometers, according to the new contract for the procurement of the same for 44,000 people with diabetes, and the distribution of minimal and discriminatory strips from the already completed tender under the title Donation.

“The previous tender purchase was valid until 31.12.2022, the next one should have been announced two months in advance, it did not happen for reasons we are not officially aware of, it was delayed until April and for all those reasons, patients with diabetes are left without the necessary glucometers and strips from 01.01.2023 until today, i.e. 9 months,” says the Union of Diabetes Associations of North Macedonia.

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