Grubi is covering up the corruption scandals with the presence of the US ambassador, say the opposition parties of the Albanians in Macedonia


In Gostivar’s Banjica, where four days ago the first explosion rang out, marking the construction activities for the Gostivar-Kichevo section within Corridor 8, on Saturday the opposition parties Alternativa, the BESA Movement and the Democratic Movement react together because, as they say, they cannot they are silent when about recent cases and developments where corruption and conflict of interest breathe freely.

They say they are happy about the construction of corridors 8 and 10d, but they cannot remain silent when Artan Grubi and DUI abuse their power, producing and covering up new corruption scandals, just to benefit each side.

The three parties say that Deputy PM  Artan Grubi “abuses his role to personalize the success, as if the fact that there is a conflict of interest in the middle of the project is not enough, given that the companies EUROVIA and AK INVEST are the main and largest donors of DUI, even abuses the ambassador’s presence to cover up such corruption scandals.”

The parties claim that “Grubi is abusing the presence of U.S. Ambassador Angela Aggeler to cover DUI party donors and question how many millions of state money will flow into the Eurovia and Ak Invest accounts, and how much of those funds will flow into the account of DUI, and how much in the pockets of some clientelists installed around Ali Ahmeti?”

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