Mickoski tells Gruevski: There will be no deals under the table, this is not 2018!


I regret that you decided to make a public parody and serve to defocus from the crime of this criminal government – I understand, but I cannot justify you. There is no need for a dialogue through the media, but since you addressed me via post, I will reply in the same way only once, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski to his predecessor Nikola Gruveski.

“Nikola, I do not intend to be part of the scenario of creating discord in favor of this government with public correspondence. One day when we meet face to face I will tell you the details if you are ready to hear them. If you want discord, that is your decision and I am ready to oppose it, because it is not a personal battle, but a battle for Macedonia, which is sinking more and more into crime, where everything is going against the will of the citizens. And we politicians are elected by the people and we answer to the people for our actions. There must not be not be secret agreements for Macedonia. I will not allow personal agreements and arrangements at the expense of the collective interest. This is not 2018, this is a whole different time,” said Mickoski.

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