SKM: Capital investment instead of new administrative employment


The Economic Chamber of Macedonia (SKM), through the Prilep Regional Chamber, has been informed that a Decision has been prepared in the municipality, for the financing of 33 new administrative jobs for the coming year 2024, according to the projections of the budget of the city treasury for the next year.

“This kind of functioning, with which non-productive expenses are planned instead of funds for capital investments, is not in accordance with the views and commitments of the business community, which are continuously sent, that the situation in the public administration needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. Finally, priority should be given to business over politics in the coming period,” the Chamber informed.

Hence, the request of the RC is to immediately change the decisions of the Municipality on the planning of the expenses of the budget treasury for the year 2024, jointly and in cooperation with the businessmen from the Prilep Chamber.



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