Vjosa Osmani declares the police officer who died in the Kosovo attack as a “Hero of Kosovo”


The President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani awarded the “Hero of Kosovo” order to the police officer Afrim Bunjaku, who was killed in northern Kosovo attack by an organized group of about thirty masked and armed persons, who were from the Kosovo authorities, but also from several western centers, qualified as terrorists, reported the MIA correspondent from Prishtina.
At the ceremony, where she handed over the order to the children of the murdered Bunjaku, Osmani said that he fell in defense of the dignity of the Republic of Kosovo.
“Today we honor a brave and selfless police sergeant who sacrificed his life for the protection of our citizens. Afrim Bunjaku and other members of the police were challenged by the criminal gang. Our hero, Bunjaku was a strong pillar of the Kosovo Police. He was a devoted servant of the motherland. He remained steadfast in defense of the law and against terrorist groups supported by Serbia, whose aim was to destabilize not only Kosovo, but the region as well,” said the president of Kosovo.

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