Spasovski: Security situation in the country is under control, the Kosovo incidents have an impact on the entire region


The incident in Banjska has an impact on the entire region, however the security services closely monitor the situation, collecting information and conducting regular analyses, Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski told Belgrade-based Politika daily. He believes that the European Union and the United States will stand in the way of dark scenarios, MIA’s Belgrade correspondent reported.

“For the time being, the security situation in the country is under control, there are no direct consequences that would pose a threat to the security of North Macedonia, and the citizens can be calm. I am convinced that our strategic partners, the EU and the USA, will not allow dark scenarios and will exert strong pressure for things to return to normal,” Spasovski said.

The minister added that ‘if our common goal is to become a region that will export peace and stability, then political crises cannot be solved by conflicts, and we must unite with common policies that we can implement’.

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