Has Macedonia already signed a deal with the Bulgarian mobster from the U.S. blacklist?


The Government and ArtanGrubi are still silent, the director of the State Lottery, PerparimBajrami, who is the chief of staff of Vice Prime Minister Grubi, is still silent about the scandal, the possibility of Macedonia being a partner for 15 years with the biggest Bulgarian mobster, who is in custody and is on ” the black list” of the USA due to crime, corruption, bribing ministers and officials to pass gambling laws in Bulgaria, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovski at a press briefing on Wednesday.

“After two years of unsuccessful attempts to change the law on games of chance, Grubi, with the Government’s signature, grants the State Lottery three new licenses for gambling companies. The Macedonian Lottery publishes an advertisement in which it makes a ‘photo robot’ of the desired casino – that it is foreign, present in the Balkans, that it has been working for eight years, that it has made a huge capital from online gambling,” said Stolkovski, criticizing the Public Prosecutor’s Office for inaction.

The opposition spokesperson stresses that according to this advertisement, everything points to the Bulgarian gambling mogul VasilBozhkov, nicknamed the Skull. He and as many as 58 of his companies associated with him are on the blacklist of the United States from 2021, which transferred the largest online casinos in the region to the ownership of a trusted person two years ago.


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