Arsovska elected president of the Forum of Mayors held at the UN


The city of Skopje received another international recognition for its commitment, innovation and established itself as a leader in good governance in local self-government. The Mayor of the City of Skopje, DanelaArsovska, has been elected president of the Forum of Mayors held at the United Nations in Geneva.

This year, for the first time as an official body within the framework of the United Nations, Arsovska was elected as president and received the benefit through direct voting at the Forum in which one mayor from each country of the Pan-European region, North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East.

Arsovskaand her team will participate directly in the establishment of the program of the Committee for Urban Development, Housing and Land Management of the United Nations, and through the adoption of declarations they will participate in the creation of international policies for local authorities.

After the selection of the City of Skopje as the European Capital of Culture 2028, this represents another huge success on the international stage for the city.

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