This is neither the first nor the last Amnesty Law, it’s important that the process is transparent, says U.S. Ambassador


In regard to the Draft Law on Amnesty, U.S. Ambassador Angela Aggeler said Wednesday that the most important thing for the US Embassy and for the United States is to be confident that these processes are going through in a way that is legal and that is transparent.

Aggeler said that she is aware that the draft law is in Parliament, but that she does not know its content and added that it is important for political leaders to acquaint the public with the need for its adoption.

“And that the citizens of this country understand what is happening and why it’s happening, and their elective leaders communicate to them of why this is important for them. This is not the first amnesty law, of course, and it won’t be the last, but we will watch very closely to see the outcome,” Aggeler said.

The Government forwarded the Draft Law on Amnesty to the Parliament, Parliament Speaker’s Office informed on Tuesday. The law is proposed to be approved in a fast-track procedure and Parliament Speaker TalatXhaferi has already forwarded it to the MPs.

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