Mickoski: If the Government fought for the country the way it fights to pardon criminals…


Our position is clear on the text of the Amnesty Law, that law should be withdrawn. This is how they fight to pardon criminals, drug dealers, thugs, etc., if they fought for the country, we would not be the last according to the standard and the first after inflation, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski during his visit to the Kisela Voda Municipality as part of the “It’s important! Change depends on you!” campaign.

Mickoski points out that this Government shows interest in everything all the time, least of all in the people.

“But unfortunately, this Government is interested in everything, not the people and the state,” Mickoski said during the visit to Kisela Voda.

However, the opposition leader reminded that there was also good news.

“But I’ll say it again, the good news is that this will continue for a few more months. It’s not years, it’s months, and then they should be aware that there will be responsibility. Let there be no such and such political processes after that,” Mickoski added.

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