Macedonian citizens are increasingly pessimistic, research shows


Two thirds of Macedonian citizens believe that Macedonia is moving in a negative direction. The number of respondents who believe that the country is moving in a positive direction has almost halved, from 14.2 percent in June to 7.7 percent in September 2023.
These are part of the results of the telephone survey conducted on 1,200 respondents by the Market Vision agency from September 18 to 15, and by order of the editorial office of
Approximately half or 49.5% of the respondents believe that the biggest problem in the country is the state of the economy and the reduced economic activity.
The non-functioning of the legal system, i.e. crime and corruption, is the most frequently mentioned problem, an answer given by as many as 27.6% of respondents.
Most of the respondents, or 85.3%, believe that corruption in the country is growing, that is, it is higher than last year.
Over 90% of respondents believe that product prices continue to rise. At the same time, 42.3% of the respondents expect their standard of living to deteriorate in the next six months, that is, almost 80% of the respondents do not expect improvements in the economy in the next 6 months.


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