Mickoski – Geer: Discussions on future plans and goals important for Macedonia

Mickoski - Geer

Corruption and crime, and the authorities’ incapability to manage any challenge was the topic of the meeting of VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski with European Union Ambassador David Geer on Friday, accompanied by deputy party leaders Timcho Mucunski and Aleksandar Nikoloski.

“Party leader Mickoski and deputy leaders Nikoloski and Mucunski informed Ambassador Geer about the situation in the country, during which the emphasis was placed on corruption and crime. The ambassador was informed about the findings that almost every day a new corruption scandal appears involving people from the Government.

“At the meeting, Mickoski and deputies Nikoloski and Mucunski pointed out the inability of the Government to deal with any challenge, let alone develop policies of punishment for perpetrators of crime and corruption,” the Ministry of Interior informed.

Opposition leader Mickoski pointed to the bad economic situation in which the country was and the growing dissatisfaction and poverty among the citizens.


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