As if the inflation wasn’t enough, the Government doubled the VAT rate for everyday products in order to fill up the budget, accuses opposition


Inflation ate up pensions, salaries and the standard of citizens. From January 2021 to September 2023, food and drink have risen by 45%, housing costs by 27%, transport by 35%, as well as restaurant services, and wages and pensions have not risen at the same pace. This means that the real value of wages has decreased. In 2022, the real salary fell by 5%, and this year in September compared to September last year, the cost of living increased by 6.6%, while retail prices increased by 4.7%, VMRO-DPMNE said Wednesday.

“Even more terrifying is the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister Bytyqi himself who admitted that in Macedonia food and basic living costs have increased by 46%, compared to Europe where they have increased in price by only 11%. This means that our citizens become impoverished 4 times faster compared to European ones,” said the largest opposition party.

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