Mickoski: The incompetent policies of DUI and SDS have led to a situation where poverty is increasing and citizens are struggling to make ends meet


Inflation, even in the month that represents pride for the Government, is 50 percent higher than that in the European Union, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, when asked by the media about inflation in N. Macedonia and the announced new increase in product prices from the field activity in the Aerodrom municipality within the campaign “It is important! Changes depend on you!”.
“I can say that the incompetent policies of the DUI and SDSM government have led to a situation like this in which the consequences are clear, and the consequences are that the standard of the citizens is dramatically reduced, the citizens live worse and worse, poverty increases and, practically, from first to first people are struggling to survive the month,” Mickoski said.

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