Janevska: It is October already, and there’re still no textbooks for all classes, Shaqiri and Veleva divide the authors of the textbooks into party-eligible and ineligible


The scandals and the destruction of education cannot stop, it is October, and there are still no textbooks for all subjects, but that is why there is a minister and the Pedagogical Service within the Ministry of Education and Science, whose powers include the issuing and purchase of textbooks, where there are a director who is little known in the public, and regardless of the Textbooks topic, VesnaJanevska from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE told a press conference on Friday.

“I publicly ask Minister JetonShaqiri and the director of the Pedagogical Service in the Ministry of Education, Mrs. VangelijaVeleva: – Are they not concerned about disrespecting the law and the efficiency of all processes and actions for the timely and objective provision of textbooks for all subjects, classes, years, and for all students?,” Janevska added.

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