Prices for vitamins, supplements for children, probiotics, antidepressants go up as of Friday


Nutritional supplements, vitamins and anti-depressants will have a higher price tag as of Friday. The VAT has increased from 5 to 10% on an additional 500 products.

Among those products are vitamins for pregnant women, nutritional supplements necessary for the growth and development of infants and children, multivitamin preparations containing B, D and E vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C of 1,000 milligrams, preparations to support the work of the liver, prostate, eyes, electrolyte pouches for dehydration, probiotics, supplements for anxiety or insomnia.

Regarding the increase in the price of cigarettes, the Ministry of Finance says that the increased excise duty will be applied as of January 1, so they will not become more expensive starting Friday.

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