Does the Government plan to sell MEPSO, according to the same principle, candy business, as ELEM, in 2006?


For two days now, the Government is hiding from the public, regarding the latest information coming from Greece, that they are interested in buying MEPSO. Apart from the terse announcement of MEPSO, where they did not announce anything about the information and confirmed that the Government decides on such a step, doubts and concerns are justified among Macedonian citizens. As a reminder, in a similar way in 2006, just like now, a few months before the catastrophic election defeat, SDSM and DUI, against the will of the people, sold EVN – a capital state resource, VMRO-DPMNE MP Toni Jarevski told a press conference on Saturday.

“This step over the years has been shown many times to be negative for the state’s interests and for the standard of the citizens. We ask the Government, led by DUI and SDSM: – Is the information that they plan to sell MEPSO correct,” added the opposition MP.



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