It’s been proven that the PPO confirmed the authorities’ fake news about the fabricated case “Delchevski Nivi”, with which DUI and SDS tried to defame VMRO-DPMNE, says opposition


Another lie from SDS and DUI fell through, which was spread every day, according to the government media, in connection with the so-called “Delchevski Nivi” case, opposition VMRO-DPMNE said in a press release on Saturday.

“Their lies were confirmed even by their Public Prosecutor’s Office, which they control, in the absence of a single piece of evidence that confirms the false accusation, constructed by the government. The document itself reads: “After analyzing the criminal report, the witness statements, the suspect’s statement, as well as all the materials provided during the investigative procedure, it is established that neither material nor verbal evidence emerged from the specific investigative procedure, which would confirmed the basic suspicion, that the acts charged to the suspects are criminal acts, for which they are prosecuted ex officio”, said the largest opposition party.



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