Mickoski: The “It’s important! Changes depend on you!” campaign is to send a message to everyone who is dissatisfied with the present to get involved and vote for their future


“The campaign we started called “It’s important! Changes depend on you” should send a message to every single person that if they are dissatisfied with the present, they must get involved and vote for their future,” said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski at an event on the occasion of October 23 – the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle and 130 years of VMRO, entitled “Tradition that binds for the future to come”.
“It is important to create values and a system of action. It is important that the professors are truly valued, and that we bring the young people back to our country. Young people must get the chance they deserve. It is important that pensioners have the peaceful and dignified old age they deserve. Workers should have higher wages, and the domestic economy should develop through new domestic and foreign investments. It is important to encourage and support athletes. It is important that people with disabilities have all the care and attention from the system, that those suffering from rare diseases receive timely therapy. It is important to have healthcare that heals and a system that works. It is important that farmers feed Macedonian citizens. To have satisfied businessmen who are given opportunities. A strong economy for a strong state. It is important that the media is free. Journalists should be free and independent, with good salaries and good working conditions,” Mickoski said.

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