Appointment-free photo point for personal documents to be opened in coming days, says Spasovski


The Ministry of Interior is in the final stages of arranging a point, which should be put into operation for issuing personal documents. All the preparations of the room should be completed by Saturday so that the employees can start working and the citizens can be served, noted the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski in a reply to a media question after the opening of the new department for forensic examinations within the Ministry of Interior.
“I expect as of Saturday or Monday, depending on how they will be ready, that we will be able to put the facility into operation. We are preparing to make two shifts in and there will be a good dynamic for the citizens,” said Spasovski.
The minister added that all group homes, old people’s homes have been given the opportunity to register and in several of them, the collection of data for the issuance of new personal documents has already been completed.

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