Lefkov: What did the citizens get with the full term of the SDS-DUI Government, apart from the lowest GDP growth in the region and defeats in every field


Elections are a constitutional category, it is not about something that Bujar Osmani decides on. Bujar Osmani as a minister was elected by the MPs and he was elected with a specific purpose, that is, to fulfill certain obligations and tasks within his ministry. It is not his job to bargain, and this is not the first attempt to bargain and influence the MPs. I will remind you that according to the Constitution, the MPs, i.e. each representative of the people represents the people according to their own conviction, so it is inappropriate to bargain, especially not with something that represents a constitutional category, and that is the elections”, stated Mile Lefkov, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE Executive Committee in the morning show of TV 24.
The opposition official pointed out that the question for SDS is what the citizens get from the term that they pushed out to the end.
“It is clear that for certain politicians there are tenders, influence, the law on games of chance, and other benefits. However, the question is what the citizens get from this government,” asked the MP.
“When we asked for snap parliamentary elections, they would always say that Macedonia has no money to spend and it is necessary to save because the elections represent a certain cost. They cost somewhere around ten million euros. And now when it comes to a process where we have two election cycles separated by practically weeks, when we talk about merging, money suddenly became unimportant for the Government. My question is at least whether one of the SDS made a functional analysis of what such implementation of separate elections means,” Lefkov noted.

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