Macedonian Railways owes EVN EUR 4 million


Macedonian Railways state-owned transport company owes electricity to all energy companies. According to the information, 4 million euros should be returned to the coffers of EVN. Debt incurred in the previous two to three years. The company owes MEPSO a little over 2 million euros. And money for electricity should be returned to ESM. For this reason, the government already decided at a meeting to accept the request of the transport company, and with that the state will pay the bills with a new 15 million euros of citizens’ money, but will also return the loans that the state power plants constantly give to Macedonian Railways to distribute salaries to its employees.
The Macedonian railway companies are constantly on the list of debtors. The tracks and trains are in bad condition, there are no international trains, domestic lines are being canceled, but the employment has not been halted.
Last year, The Macedonian Railways was left without electricity for several hours due to electricity debts, so the state decided to return part of the debt. The business, on the other hand, requires the liberalization of the market so that they can work. The Ministry of Transport says that the process has started, but the laws are stuck in Parliament and urged the MPs to put them on the agenda. Although it was said that the railway is ripe for a public-private partnership or privatization, for now there is no rescue plan and money continues to be provided from the budget for the Macedonian railway to survive. According to information, 12 to 15 million euros are transferred annually to Macedonian Railways,” reports Telma TV.

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