Gjurchevski: Organized criminal gangs are becoming more and more violent and more and more connected to politics


In the area of organized criminal gangs, people constantly use the same places, they have a good follow-up to reach the marked victim and third, whether it is a person who is marked by the criminal group due to some internal conflicts. Organized groups are becoming more and more violent, more violent and easier to pull out weapons, and even in public places, thus endangering the lives of innocent citizens, which worries me that there may be innocent victims, says security expert Ljubomir Gjurchevski in an interview with TV 24’s “Stuido 10” show.

“As for the now injured Shtekli, this is the second attempt to kill him, the first time was in August. The impunity of criminal groups is related to the political parties that use them to achieve their goals, and vice versa,” says Gjurchevski. The expert adds that the problem of corruption is serious, especially within the Ministry of Interior.

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