Education Minister: History textbook will be late because there is no one to review it, the delivery of textbooks for the year ended yesterday


Macedonian Education Minister Jeton Shaqiri said that the delivery of textbooks was completed Wednesday, although he announced that by the end of September, at the latest by the beginning of October, students will be able to learn from new textbooks.

“The textbooks in Skopje have been delivered. Thank you for your full understanding, we are different from last year, we said at the end of September and the beginning of October, but I am glad that this is over. This year we proved that when the programs arrive on time, the textbooks also arrive. There were situations where graphic and technical regulation had to be worked on for certain textbooks, some authors asked for some parts of the textbooks to be corrected and that is why you are late,” explained Shaqiri and said that there were problems with History and Society textbooks for the fifth and sixth grades grade.

“After the decision to withdraw the textbook for the fifth grade, an author’s team was formed, from which we have the final stage of the manuscript,” said the education minister.

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