About 30% of adolescents in Macedonia have severe symptoms of depression, about 50% feel sad


According to the last population census conducted in 2021, about a fifth of the total population in North Macedonia is made up of children and adolescents, and more than a third are people under 30 years of age.

Existing research indicates major mental health problems such as depression and anxiety among children and adolescents, due to poverty, social exclusion, exposure to domestic violence and stigma.

According to the latest research by the University Clinic of Psychiatry with the support of UNICEF, about 30% of adolescents have moderate to severe symptoms of depression, while almost half of them, i.e. 48.4%, stated that they felt depressed or sad for a long period of time during of the past year.

The latest results of the latest research on the behavior of school-age children (aged 11, 13 and 15) in our country, carried out with the support of UNFPA, published last week, showed that as many as 57% of girls aged 15 reported frequent mood swings, almost daily for the last six months.

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