Macedonia has to pay EUR 425 million in 2027 just for interest on the debt, says VMRO-DPMNE


What we claim has been confirmed by experts, former ministers and advisors to the Government. The wasteful spending of public money by the SDS and DUI authorities is bringing the state into bankruptcy. The government increased the domestic borrowing limit for this year from 350 to 500 million euros, and as of September, it has already borrowed 420 million euros on the domestic government securities market. The interest rates are extremely high and for a short term of one year they are 4.25%, and for two-year bonds they are 4.75% and 5%, VMRO-DPMNE informed Monday.

“The data from the fiscal strategy for the period 2024-2028 are alarming. During this period, Macedonia has to pay 1.8 billion euros for interest only, and 5.0 billion euros for the principal of a debt that is due,” added the largest opposition party.


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