Heating prices to go up by 4.51 percent


The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) made decisions by which the final price for the delivered thermal energy to consumers supplied by ESM, from the requested price increase of over 50%, approved 4.51%. On an average account of MKD 1800, the increase is MKD 80.

“The price for the citizens remains stable, and the three companies of ESM for supply, distribution and production of heat energy are practically forced to put the Belasica heat pipe into operation as soon as possible so that the system works economically and fully uses the heat energy from TETO. With the work of TETO and the functioning of the Belasica heat pipe, the average bill is MKD 1,800, without the work of TETO, MKD 2,800, which is a price difference of 60%,” said ERC head Marko Bislimoski on Tuesday.

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