Lukarevska: The youngest millionaire in Macedonia is only 9 years old, the highest monthly gross salary is in the tobacco trade and amounts to EUR 195,000


The youngest millionaire in the country is 9 years old with one million Macedonian denars from rent, while the oldest is 97 years old and last year earned an income of MKD 1.2 million, in terms of pension and income from work performed, informed the Public Revenue Office head SanjaLukarevska at the conference on the topic: “Annual tax return – Highest income in 2022”.

Regarding the youngest millionaire in the country, Lukarevska says that it is based on some kind of inheritance and that is from where he gets his income.

Lukarevska added that it was also disclosed that the highest monthly gross salary in 2022 was in the tobacco wholesale trade activity and amounted to 195,000 euros or about 16,250 euros monthly gross salary.

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