Angelovska-Bezhoska on World Savings Day: Citizens’ deposits indicate great public trust in domestic banks


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, household bank deposits have increased by 20 percent, with citizens’ savings accounts reaching an estimated total worth of 40 billion Macedonian denars, according to National Bank Governor Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska in a press release from the central bank marking World Savings Day.

Angelovska-Bezhoska said domestic banks saw an upward trend in local currency savings that amounted to 48 percent.

“The long-term deposits of households are also growing and are currently at the highest level in the last ten years. The fact that bank deposits are increasing, despite a number of once-in-a-century external shocks, is a confirmation of the great public trust in the banking system,” the Governor said, adding that the National Bank had also contributed to this by making efforts to strengthen the banking system’s resilience.

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