Mickoski reveals new documents for the Oncology scandal: There were periods when cancer patients did not get their therapy


And right now we are having a terrible scandal, because right now money is being made on the backs of cancer patients, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, at a press conference on Thursday, revealing new knowledge about the Radiotherapy and Oncology Clinic scandal.
The tumor of corruption and crime, that cancer mafia, Mickoski says, should be defeated and held accountable.
“It is unfortunate that the Public Prosecutor’s Office did not initiate an indictment and everything ended with only a formal preliminary investigation. There are two conclusions, and both are startling. The first conclusion is about the suppliers who are obliged to deliver the drugs within 5 or 10 days, and although they were late with the deliveries and the patients did not receive their medication, nothing was done to overcome this problem and the contract was never terminated. No supplier has been warned or given a negative reference for non-delivery, and no response has been received from distributors as to why goods are not being delivered on time. The agreement is knowingly violated, the patients are left without therapy, and no one bears the consequences for that,” Mickoski said.
The second conclusion, the opposition leader points out, is for the inpatient wards, where the medical staff should record the remainder of some vials, that is, medicine packages.
For example, if a drug of 50 units is to be applied to one patient, and the vial is 100 units, the medical staff should ensure that there is a remainder of 50 units to be used on another patient in order to avoid losses. But unfortunately, nobody here knows where the remaining 50 units end up, i.e. all those remains. In that way, Macedonian citizens are directly damaged by hundreds of millions. Another question that arises is whether the clinic itself had a license to dispense medicine, because patients came, received medicine in a bag and went to another place to have the medicine applied to them. Has anyone kept track of where these drugs end up? Why hasn’t anyone raised the question of what price the Clinic charges for services from the Fund? Do not all citizens have the right to life? These documents you see are documents about drugs that are meant to save human lives, but also drugs that represent an opportunity for profit. According to the HIF, these drugs were in stock on March 31, that is, they were in stock and were ready to be administered to patients. Of course, these drugs come from the government’s favorite wholesaler,” Mickoski said.
The VMRO-DPMNE leader announced that he will submit all documents and reports to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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