Prendzov: Let’s bring the Macedonians into the EU, not the Bulgarians into the Macedonian Constitution


Constitutional amendments are being discussed less and less in the Parliament, including the government. As the opposition, I think we have said many times why this is so and what are the reasons and who brought Macedonia to this dead end, and we have been raising the alarm for more than a year, demanding early parliamentary elections in order for the citizens to decide in which direction the Republic of Macedonia will move in the future, says VMRO-DPMNE MP Ljupcho Prendzov at a press briefing on Wednesday.
Prendzov added that the term of this parliamentary composition is nearing its end and that the constitutional amendments under Bulgarian dictation will not happen.
“Our goal is to bring our Macedonian citizens into the EU, while the Government’s goal is to bring the Bulgarians into the Macedonian Constitution. So I don’t feel any responsibility as a Member of Parliament,” Prendzov pointed out.

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