Dimitrieska-Kochoska discusses the difference between public debt now and before


VMRO-DPMNE will fight against corruption and crime on the one hand because this structure of people wants to keep the youth in this country, but also because of another thing. We have to fight against corruption, crime, gray economy, we have no space. The budget no longer leaves room. In the seven years of SDSM’s rule, the public debt in the country has increased by 3.6 billion euros, said VMRO-DPMNE deputy leader and former deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska-Kochoska in an interview with Alfa TV.

“For three years in a row, we have a 500 million euro deficit. And in continuity there is borrowing. What are we seeing? Salary increase, gas more expensive, etc. It’s all getting more expensive. At the same time, they are not able to finish the second phase of the wind park, we left it ready for them and still nothing. One thing they cannot do. They are just trying to ruin everything,” said the high opposition official.

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