Lefkov: Documents from the whistleblowers speak of irregularities in the Oncology clinic, this year the right to treatment has been denied, and there’s not even an indictment


The information that reached us from whistleblowers is precisely about the work at the Oncology Clinic during this year. Citizens’ right to treatment is denied, and no one reacts, not even the prosecutor’s office, there is no indictment, but only a shyly announced preliminary investigation. They convinced us that they were scandals from a few years ago, but we saw that this was not the case, said VMRO-DPMNE MP and a member of the party’s Executive Committee Mile Lefkov in an interview with Radio Leader.

The opposition MP pointed out that the Report on the work of the Clinic, which is from extraordinary supervision, shows that this year the penetration of the pharmacological oligarchs has not stopped.


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